Jacqueline Veuve

Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

(Jacqueline Veuve)

Switzerland 1991. 35mm, colour, 5 min.


This portrait of a young manufacturer of musical automatons from Sainte Croix is part of a feature-length film made by 12 Swiss filmmakers. The idea was to show Switzerland's diversity, in the context of a celebration of the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation. The film shows François Junod repairing an old-time musical automaton, and making a new one of an erotic nature.

DirectorJacqueline Veuve
ScriptJacqueline Veuve
PhotographyBruno Lapostolle
SoundLaurent Barbey
EditingBrigitte Duc
Duration5 min.
Format35mm, colour
Versionsfrançais; ST: deutsch, italiano, english
ProductionVidéo Productions, Claude Richardet
World RightsVidéo Productions, Claude Richardet
Distribution SwitzerlandVidéo Productions, Claude Richardet
7, rue du Valais, 1202 Genève

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