Jacqueline Veuve

Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

Susan (Jacqueline Veuve)



Switzerland 1974. 16mm, Beta, VHS, colour, 15 min.

Image: Susan 

Susan, age 30, American, wrote her doctoral thesis in French about Marguerite Duras, She now teaches French, part time, at Harvard University, near Boston. In her spare time, she learned karate and now teaches it to other women. One quote from the dialogue: «I teach French at Harvard and I guess French is perfectly useless in today’s world. I also teach karate to women and I know I’m teaching them something that might save their lives.»

DirectorJacqueline Veuve
ScriptJacqueline Veuve
PhotographyPat Stern
SoundJacqueline Veuve
EditingMary Watson
Duration15 min.
Format16mm, Beta, VHS, colour
Versionsfrançais; ST: english, deutsch
Festivals/PrizesNyon, London, Paris, New York
ProductionAquarius Film Production
World RightsAquarius Film Production
Distribution SwitzerlandAquarius Film Production, CH-1808 Les Monts-de-Corsier
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