Jacqueline Veuve

Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

La filière (Jacqueline Veuve)

The Way Over

La filière

Switzerland 1987. 16mm, Beta, VHS, colour, 37 min.

Image: La filière 

After German troops occupied the whole French territory in November 1942, refugee children were hunted down in the former “free” zone, among them those at the Chateau de Hille, under the protection of the Swiss Red Cross. When French police came to arrest and took away all of her protégés over the age of 15, the head of the little colony decided to save them. The determined woman managed to find and rescue them, then set up a way to cross through France and, secretly, over to Switzerland.

DirectorJacqueline Veuve
ScriptJacqueline Veuve, d'après le livre «La filière» d'Anne-Marie Imhof-Piguet.
PhotographyOlivier Frei
SoundClaude Noir
EditingMireille Mauberna
CollaboratorsConseiller pédagogique: Gérard Henriod
Duration37 min.
Format16mm, Beta, VHS, colour
Festivals/PrizesOfficial selection at Festivals of Nyon, Switzerland and Leningrad.
ProductionCPAV (TVCO, Télévision du cycle d'orientation)
Cycle d'orientation, 15a av.Joli-Mont, CH-1211 Genève
World RightsTVCO
Distribution SwitzerlandCPAV
Tel. +41 22 791 78 36

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