Jacqueline Veuve

Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

Michel Marlétaz, boisselier (Jacqueline Veuve)

Michel Marl�taz, Cooper

Michel Marlétaz, boisselier

Switzerland 1988. 16mm, Beta, VHS, colour, 30 min.

Image: Michel Marlétaz, boisselier 

After a serious car accident, Michel Marlétaz’ reconversion began with a wood working course intended for mountain peasants. He now turns out small wooden hollow ware like spoons, bowls or butter-churns. He is the only craftsman who makes the large butter-churns used in the summer pastures.

DirectorJacqueline Veuve
ScriptJacqueline Veuve
PhotographyHugues Ryffel
SoundLuc Yersin, Pierre-André Luthy
EditingEdwige Ochsenbein
Musicde et interpretée par André Daniel Meylan
CollaboratorsProd. exécutif: Jean-Marc Henchoz
Duration30 min.
Format16mm, Beta, VHS, colour
Versionsfrançais; ST: english, deutsch
Sales DVD/VideoVHS  [order
Festivals/PrizesQuality Award DFI
ProductionAquarius Film Production, TSR, La Sept (Paris)
World RightsAquarius Film Production
Distribution SwitzerlandAquarius Film Production, CH-1808 Les Monts-de-Corsier
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Distribution internationalFrance:
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Press review

What Jacqueline Veuve's film shows us, is all the hand movements which go in to the making of a big wooden butter-churn. These are movements which call for the technique of fingering, an creativity. Although they could also be done by a machine, they would then lose their soul. Bieler Tagblatt, Seeländer Bote Biel, 1989 The film is much more than a precise demonstration of the basic steps of the trade, it also calls for respect and admiration for a dying trade which is part of our culture. Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 1989 (Franz Ulrich)

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