Jacqueline Veuve

Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

Ma rue raconte (série de 26 volets) (Jacqueline Veuve)

What my Street Tells Me (series of 26 short films)

Ma rue raconte (série de 26 volets)

Switzerland 1996. Beta SP, VHS, colour, 5 min.

Image: Ma rue raconte (série de 26 volets) 

Through these short episodes, Jacqueline Veuve tells the story of people who have given their names to a street somewhere in Suisse Romande. Among the film maker’s perfectly arbitrary choice, there is, for instance, an author, a pilot, the owner of a bistro, a woman musician, a ship captain, a queen , a painter, a feminist...They are described by specialists or amateurs, passionately interested by these lives.

DirectorJacqueline Veuve
ScriptJacqueline Veuve
PhotographyIvan Kozelka
SoundPierre-André Luthy, Michel Casang, Gianni Marchesi
EditingFernand Melgar, Stéphane Goël
MusicChristine Lauterburg
CollaboratorsAssistante de réalisation: Dominique de Rivaz
Chargé de production: Xavier Grin
Mixage: Stéphane Kircher
Duration5 min.
FormatBeta SP, VHS, colour, 25 ips
Sales DVD/VideoVHS  [order
ProductionLes productions JMH, TSR
Chargé de production
World RightsLes Productions JMH
Distribution SwitzerlandJMH Distributions SA
Rue de la Cassarde 4, Case postale 58
CH-2005 Neuchâtel 5
Tel +41 32 729 00 20
Fax +412 32 729 00 29
Release1 juillet - 5 août 1996
LiteratureB.Galland, Une femme de cinéma, 2003, p. 36s.

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Press review

One of the best things about this great series is to make us find who or what is hidden behind the name of our own street. L'Hebdo, Lausanne, 27.6.96 (Pierre-Yves Borgeaud) By an untiring stroke of luck, Jacqueline Veuve has yet another gift, that of finding the right person today to tell us of a character whose name has become only an address. Le Nouveau Quotidien, Lausanne, 6.7.96 (Bertil Galland)

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