Jacqueline Veuve

Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

(Jacqueline Veuve)

Switzerland 1978. 16mm, colour, 37 min.


The daily life of Angèle Stalder, a retired worker, handicapped. She worked for 17 years in a chocolate factory and 20 more in another factory making cardboard articles. Active all her life in Catholic unions, she always showed great courage and - because she was a woman - battled even harder to impose herself and make her voice heard. She continues to fight.
«I didn’t want to be a factory worker, I’d have liked to drive an engine like the Russian women who could choose men’s jobs, but I became involved in union work and that became my locomotive.»

DirectorJacqueline Veuve
ScriptJacqueline Veuve
PhotographyEdouiard Bois du Chesne
SoundPierre-André Luthy
EditingMireille Mauberna
Duration37 min.
Format16mm, colour
ProductionCPAV (TVCO, Télévision du cycle d'orientation)
Cycle d'orientation, 15a av.Joli-Mont, CH-1211 Genève
World RightsTVCO
Distribution SwitzerlandCPAV
Tel. +41 22 791 78 36

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