Jacqueline Veuve

Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

Le salaire de l'artiste (Jacqueline Veuve)

The Artist's Salary

Le salaire de l'artiste

Switzerland 2000. 16mm/Beta/VHS, colour, 60 min.

Image: Le salaire de l'artiste 


Synopsis: Le salaire de l'artisteFrom 1989 to 2000, Jacqueline Veuve, together with cameraman Milivoj Ivkovic, followed the life of a young artist, her son, Laurent Veuve who lived in New York with his family.
To these 11 years of filming are added some extracts from a short film of 1968 about Laurent, then aged 7, and a sequence in 1986 done by Pascal Chevalley for the Télévision Suisse Romande.
Rapid success followed by failure forced the painter to reconsider his life choice and drove him to his present activity in Switzerland. The artist progressively became co-director and at last he could turn the camera on the film director (Jacqueline Veuve).
It’s a picture about the artist’s social environment and those who live with his painting.

DirectorJacqueline Veuve et Laurent Veuve
ScriptJacqueline Veuve et Laurent Veuve
PhotographyMilivoy Ikovic, Willy Rohrbach
SoundPierre-André Luthy, Fred Kohler
EditingLoredana Cristelli, Edwige Ochsenbein
MusicGrand Master Flash & The Furious Five, Bach
Duration60 min.
Format16mm/Beta/VHS, colour
Versionsfrançais; ST: english, deutsch
Sales DVD/VideoDVD, VHS  [order
Festivals/PrizesLocarno (Filmmakers of the present). Festival Namur. Paris: International Festival of Art Film, 2001
Isola (Slovénie) 2007
ProductionAquarius Film Production
World RightsAquarius Film Production
Distribution SwitzerlandAquarius Film Production, CH-1808 Les Monts-de-Corsier
Tél. +41 21 921 18 20 – Fax +41 21 921 78 31
E-mail: info@jacquelineveuve.com – send a message
Distribution internationalFrance:
Visionnement: Bibliothèques publiques, cf. www.culture.gouv.fr
LiteratureB.Galland, Une femme de cinéma, 2003, p. 53ss.

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Press review

Let's discover this passionate pair, the son, a painter, and the mother, a film maker, and the path that led Laurent Veuve to reach his forties and different activities in Switzerland, and led Jacqueline Veuve to this accomplished film Coopération, 4.10.00 (ns) Without giving away the plot, its more than skillful conclusion manages to question many givens, even some of the former elements of the story. An enlightening testimony. La Tribune de Genève, 6.10.00 (Pascal Gavillet)

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