Jacqueline Veuve

Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

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Illness, Death

The Heart's Nebula

2005. 35mm/ Beta, DVD, colour, 90 min.

A trip through the heart. A poetic, moving, cruel, ironic, at times a cynical trip. A trip that takes us deep into the heart of the film maker, into her aches, her joys, her medical problems, among them the placing of a pacemaker. It gives her an excuse to take a closer look at other hearts: the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the small mummified heart of Louis XVII and its weird wanderings, the heart of … [to the detail page]

Diary from Rivesaltes 1941-1942

1997. S-16/35mm, Beta/VHS, colour, 77 min.

From August to October 1942, over 2250 Jews were deported from the internment camp of Rivesaltes to Auschwitz by way of Drancy. Among them were 110 children. Friedel Bohny-Reiter, a nurse with the Swiss Aid to Children, worked in this camp in the South of France. Like many others in the formerly unoccupied zone, it was run by the French. Once a military camp, it had been converted in 1941 into a … [to the detail page]

Fainted Away

1993. S-16/Beta, VHS, colour, 90 min.

Fatally ill, Claire (Stéphane Audran) must undergo some exams. Her son Daniel (Thomas Chabrol) brings her to the hospital and leaves her at the entrance. But, with no warning, Claire suddenly decides not to endure any further treatment and books herself into a hotel by Lake Geneva instead. Claire whiles her time away wandering along the quays while her son tries desperately tries to find her. … [to the detail page]

Left, Address Unknown

1982. 35mm + 16mm; Beta/VHS, colour, 90 min.

The idea for the film came from a local news item reporting that a young drug addict had committed suicide after 9 months in jail awaiting trial. In his cell, Salvatore thinks of his wife, of his son Simon. Left, address unknown is not a film about prison life but about a man in prison, who will die at 25.

Death of the Grandfather or: the Sleep of the Just

1978. 16mm; Beta/VHS, colour, 87 min.

A tale, told by his five daughters, of the life and death of a man very representative of a Protestant Switzerland in the early 20th century where life was conditioned by the work ethic. He was first a farmer, then a factory worker, then the head of a small family affair where his daughters became his workers. The business grew into an large factory that would be eventually taken over by the only … [to the detail page]

Letters from Stalingrad

1972. 16mm, Beta, VHS, b/w, 30 min.

An illustration of letters written by German soldiers to their families from Stalingrad, on the eve of defeat. Censors at headquarters found them too pessimistic and they were never distributed. Some of them, found after the war, were published. Here, the images are taken from films from both German and Russian film archives as well as photos from Signal (the German propaganda magazine … [to the detail page]

Salt of the Earth

2002. 35mm, Beta, VHS, colour, 27 min.

While filming «Market Day», we followed for a whole year from 2001 to 2002 a farming family from Primapraz (Puidoux, Vaud). Day by day, in all seasons, throughout the multitude of chores (market gardening, caring for the animals, cows, chickens, rabbits, baking bread, braiding buns, making jam) carried out by Rémy and Corinne Chevalley, their four children, and their parents, Micheline and … [to the detail page]

2001. Beta/VHS, colour, 26 min.

The Telethon took place in Les Diablerets in the canton of Vaud on December 8th and 9th 2000. Five myopic European children were invited and participated in the event. Six month later two children return for a visit.
The Telethon Chalet was built in 26 hours by craftsmen and builders from Les Diablerets and nearby, during the charity appeal Téléthon, in December 2000. The ultra-rapid construction … [to the detail page]

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