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Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

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Ethnographical films

Un petit coin de paradis...

2008. HDCam, 16:9, colour, 85 min.

This is the story of the life reborn of Ossona, a hamlet in Val d'Hérens in the Valais canton, which was abandoned in the sixties and has now become the pilot project for an agro-tourism site. From 2005 to 2008, we followed the restoration of this site listed as a sustainable development zone, and those involved in the project.
Some of them are aged between 14 and 16 years old and were born in … [to the detail page]

Market Day

2002. 35mm/Beta/VHS, colour, 90 min.

Every Tuesday and Saturday, in the middle of the small town of Vevey in the canton of Vaud, one of the most beautiful country markets of Switzerland is held.
Here, market gardeners, mushroom pickers, fishermen and flower vendors sell the produce of their effort and their passion on which the rules of world trade are very harsh.
Market Day pays them homage.

Oh! What a Beautiful Day

1995. 16mm/Beta/VHS, colour, 77 min.

For a whole year, the film follows 5 candidates of the Salvation Army’s Officers’ School from the time they are assigned and settle down in their respective posts. The Fluckigers, a married couple, are sent to La Neuveville, Switzerland ; the Olekhnowitchs to Rouen, France and Etienne César to the City of Refuge in Paris. Through their experiences, the 5 lieutenants give us an inkling of the … [to the detail page]

Barracks Man

1994. 16mm/Beta/VHS, colour, 90 min.

For the first time, an independant movie team was able to follow the Swiss Army school of recruits for fusiliers and machinegunners, as from February to May 1993, in Colombier (Switzerland),

The recruiting Officer in charge said
'When a young man hesitates, I suggest infantry because that is where I need them most'. So 35% of the recruits find themselves enlisted in infantry. Contrary to the … [to the detail page]

A Peasant Chronicle in Gruy�re

1990. 16mm/Beta/VHS, colour, 100 min.

The shooting of this peasant chronicle in the Gruyere region lasted a whole year, from July 1989 to July 1990. A year of work and festivities in the family of Conrad and Louise Bapst, their children and grandchildren who live in La Roche (canton of Fribourg). In summer, part of the family goes up with the herd to the upper pastures, and for the next 3 months, will move 6 times, as the grass for … [to the detail page]

Death of the Grandfather or: the Sleep of the Just

1978. 16mm; Beta/VHS, colour, 87 min.

A tale, told by his five daughters, of the life and death of a man very representative of a Protestant Switzerland in the early 20th century where life was conditioned by the work ethic. He was first a farmer, then a factory worker, then the head of a small family affair where his daughters became his workers. The business grew into an large factory that would be eventually taken over by the only … [to the detail page]

Arnold Golay, Toy-maker

1992. 16mm, Beta, VHS, colour, 28 min.

Upon retirement, Arnold Golay, 91, a former watchmaker who once had learned to make a timepiece entirely by hand, became a toy maker. We follow his steps as he builds a toy cart.

Joseph Doutaz et Olivier Veuve, Shingle-makers

1989. 16mm, Beta, VHS, colour, 29 min.

The “tavillonneur” or shingle-maker cuts out and fits shingles into place. Shingles (called “tavillons” here) are one of the oldest methods of roofing or outside wall covering. There are no longer any official apprenticeships. Joseph Doutaz and Olivier Veuve have quite different techniques of cutting and placing their shingles.

The Bapst Brothers, Carriers

1989. 16mm, Beta, VHS, colour, 26 min.

The Bapst Brothers: Romain, Maurice and Jacques – whom we will also meet in The Gruyere Chronicle (produced in 1990) – are peasants and carriers and work with their father. In autumn and winter, they bid for the community’s wood, cut down the pine trees and bring down the logs through the snowy woods by horse-drawn sleigh.

Marcellin Babey, Turner

1989. 16mm, Beta, VHS, colour, 30 min.

As there are no longer any apprenticeships in wood turning in Switzerland, Marcellin Babey learned his craft from the former owner of his Lausanne workshop, and by going, on foot, to visit old turners in France and Spain. In the film he builds and plays on bagpipes.

Claude Lebet, Lute-maker

1988. 16mm, colour, 35 min.

Claude Lebet who should have become a minister as his father before him, studied lute-making in Cremona (Italy). Back in Switzerland, he founded his workshop at La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Jura mountains. The “Musici di Roma” launched his career by buying the first violin he made and helped him acquire his house. It takes but a month and a half to fashion a violin, but the relationship of musician … [to the detail page]

Fran�ois Pernet, Carpenter and Sculptor

1988. 16mm, Beta, VHS, colour, 27 min.

Like his grandfather and his father before him, François Pernet is a mountain peasant and works with wood. He trained as a carpenter and cabinet maker and owns the last working sawmill in French-speaking Switzerland. He is a sculptor besides.

Michel Marl�taz, Cooper

1988. 16mm, Beta, VHS, colour, 30 min.

After a serious car accident, Michel Marlétaz’ reconversion began with a wood working course intended for mountain peasants. He now turns out small wooden hollow ware like spoons, bowls or butter-churns. He is the only craftsman who makes the large butter-churns used in the summer pastures.

The Meat Basket

1966. 16mm, Beta, VHS, b/w, 25 min.

An ethnographic documentary about a local butchering tradition called the bouchoyage that is being lost. On this consecrated day of hard labor, an itinerant butcher called Tzacaion (usually a peasant) goes from farm to farm to slaughter the pigs with his own tools.

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