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Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

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Old age

C'�tait hier

2010. Digital Beta, colour, 90 min.

Lucens, in French-speaking Switzerland; summer of 1937. Spectators are lined up along the village streets waiting for the cyclists to pass through: the Tour de Suisse bicycle race.
Those who were children at the time recall the days, and as they tell their tales, their whole working class community comes back to my mind, for as a child I used to be a guest at the bourgeois house of my … [to the detail page]

The little lady of the Capitole

2005. DVCAM - Beta digital, colour, 55 min.

Lucienne Schnegg is a little woman brimming with energy. At 80, she remains at the helm of the cinema Capitole. Hired as a secretary in 1949, she has become the heir of the movie house and its very soul. Cashier, cleaning woman and manager all in one, she tells us about her cinema, the grandest, the largest and the oldest of Lausanne. Right after the war, 25 people, including six ushers in … [to the detail page]

The Heart's Nebula

2005. 35mm/ Beta, DVD, colour, 90 min.

A trip through the heart. A poetic, moving, cruel, ironic, at times a cynical trip. A trip that takes us deep into the heart of the film maker, into her aches, her joys, her medical problems, among them the placing of a pacemaker. It gives her an excuse to take a closer look at other hearts: the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the small mummified heart of Louis XVII and its weird wanderings, the heart of … [to the detail page]

Death of the Grandfather or: the Sleep of the Just

1978. 16mm; Beta/VHS, colour, 87 min.

A tale, told by his five daughters, of the life and death of a man very representative of a Protestant Switzerland in the early 20th century where life was conditioned by the work ethic. He was first a farmer, then a factory worker, then the head of a small family affair where his daughters became his workers. The business grew into an large factory that would be eventually taken over by the only … [to the detail page]

Speak to Me of Love

1985. Beta, VHS, colour, 40 min.

The story of an aged couple. Amélie – who had spent 29 years in a convent, then worked many years as a laundress in France – went to visit the mother she had not seen in 36 years. At the age of 64, she heard Mr. Hope who ran the old people’s home where Amélie’s mother lived, say : “I love you, my love.” It was the first time a man had told her these words. At 65, still a virgin, Amélie married … [to the detail page]

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