Jacqueline Veuve

Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

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Montage films

Letters from Stalingrad

1972. 16mm, Beta, VHS, b/w, 30 min.

An illustration of letters written by German soldiers to their families from Stalingrad, on the eve of defeat. Censors at headquarters found them too pessimistic and they were never distributed. Some of them, found after the war, were published. Here, the images are taken from films from both German and Russian film archives as well as photos from Signal (the German propaganda magazine … [to the detail page]

Swiss Emotions

1991. 35mm, b/w, 30 min.

This montage was spliced together from the archives of all the films made in Switzerland and is part of a series of twelve films about Swiss cinema done at the request of Freddy Buache, head of the Swiss Cinemathèque up to 1996. Eric de Kuyper and Jacqueline Veuve decided to particularly examine cinema of the years from 1930 to 1942.

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