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Cinéaste et ethnologue (1930-2013)

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Irene Reymond, painter, 1902-1998

2005. DVD, colour, 12 min.

[Synopsis is actually available only in french]

Portrait de Irène Reymond, tante de Jacqueline Veuve. Avec des extraits du film «La mort du grand-père»

The little lady of the Capitole

2005. DVCAM - Beta digital, colour, 55 min.

Lucienne Schnegg is a little woman brimming with energy. At 80, she remains at the helm of the cinema Capitole. Hired as a secretary in 1949, she has become the heir of the movie house and its very soul. Cashier, cleaning woman and manager all in one, she tells us about her cinema, the grandest, the largest and the oldest of Lausanne. Right after the war, 25 people, including six ushers in … [to the detail page]

Delphine Seyrig. Portrait of a Comet

2000. Beta, VHS, colour, 52 min.

Delphine Seyrig, an outstanding woman and actress died on October 15 1990. She played in 34 movies from «Last Year at Marienbad» by Alain Resnais to Marguerite Duras’ «India Song», as well as 13 TV features and 33 plays. Jacqueline Veuve, film director and a friend of Delphine Seyrig, wanted to break the silence surrounding her memory by making a documentary that traces with emotion and … [to the detail page]

Diary from Rivesaltes 1941-1942

1997. S-16/35mm, Beta/VHS, colour, 77 min.

From August to October 1942, over 2250 Jews were deported from the internment camp of Rivesaltes to Auschwitz by way of Drancy. Among them were 110 children. Friedel Bohny-Reiter, a nurse with the Swiss Aid to Children, worked in this camp in the South of France. Like many others in the formerly unoccupied zone, it was run by the French. Once a military camp, it had been converted in 1941 into a … [to the detail page]

Death of the Grandfather or: the Sleep of the Just

1978. 16mm; Beta/VHS, colour, 87 min.

A tale, told by his five daughters, of the life and death of a man very representative of a Protestant Switzerland in the early 20th century where life was conditioned by the work ethic. He was first a farmer, then a factory worker, then the head of a small family affair where his daughters became his workers. The business grew into an large factory that would be eventually taken over by the only … [to the detail page]

Speak to Me of Love

1985. Beta, VHS, colour, 40 min.

The story of an aged couple. Amélie – who had spent 29 years in a convent, then worked many years as a laundress in France – went to visit the mother she had not seen in 36 years. At the age of 64, she heard Mr. Hope who ran the old people’s home where Amélie’s mother lived, say : “I love you, my love.” It was the first time a man had told her these words. At 65, still a virgin, Amélie married … [to the detail page]

1978. 16mm, colour, 37 min.

The daily life of Angèle Stalder, a retired worker, handicapped. She worked for 17 years in a chocolate factory and 20 more in another factory making cardboard articles. Active all her life in Catholic unions, she always showed great courage and - because she was a woman - battled even harder to impose herself and make her voice heard. She continues to fight.
«I didn’t want to be a factory … [to the detail page]

But, You Girls...

1976. 16mm, colour, 35 min.

A face-off between the expectations of a group of 14-year old teenagers and adult reality. Though the chosen themes – work, marriage, children, daycare – the problem of woman’s role in our society, her place in the workplace, is examined.

Swiss Graffiti

1975. 16mm, colour, 6 min.

An animated cartoon about the Creation reviewed and corrected by two women. God the magician has decided to create a paradise: Switzerland. He covers it with trees, cows, until Adam is born. After exploring his paradise, Adam creates Eve from one of his ribs. Man is shown as an erect penis, woman by a limbless trunk.

Visites et stages

1975. 16mm, b/w, 15 min.

[Synopsis is actually available only in french]

Le film montre les deux moyens d'information offerts aux élèves pour les aider à faire leur choix professionnel. Présentation, en classe, des visites d'information professionnelle; illustration dans deux secteurs: bâtiment et secrétariat. Présentation des stages, vus par deux élèves du cycle d'orientation. D'anciens élèves, aujourd'hui apprentis … [to the detail page]

No more fun no more games

1974. 16mm, colour, 25 min.

In Cambridge, a suburban neighbourhood of Boston, a group of women have organized themselves to better protect themselves against surroundings which are often hostile. The rhythmic alternation of karate scenes and the reports by some of them, permit a better understanding of the specific attitude of certain American women.


1974. 16mm, Beta, VHS, colour, 15 min.

Susan, age 30, American, wrote her doctoral thesis in French about Marguerite Duras, She now teaches French, part time, at Harvard University, near Boston. In her spare time, she learned karate and now teaches it to other women. One quote from the dialogue: «I teach French at Harvard and I guess French is perfectly useless in today’s world. I also teach karate to women and I know I’m teaching … [to the detail page]

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